We're Asia Pacific's leading adoption entity for the Tezos blockchain, bringing together experts, stakeholders, companies and governments from across the region to develop blockchain strategies, and promote Tezos' energy-efficient, sustainable blockchain to all.

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Learn more about the Tezos blockchain.

Discover the benefits of Tezos, a blockchain designed to evolve. Security-focused, upgradeable, and built to last.

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Strategy, development resources, grants, and more.

We support the Tezos ecosystem by bringing together stakeholders from around the region and across industries and disciplines, from validators and researchers, to developers and builders.

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One place for all your Asia Pacific related Tezos news.

From announcements to funding and events, developer resources, success stories, and more. Discover Tezos in Asia Pacific.

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Discover a range of stories and resources for enterprises considering adopting Tezos, read success stories, and learn more about how Tezos can help your business.

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Take a deep dive on Tezos. Learn what it will take to get your blockchain project to the next level,  and read the stories of fellow developers from across Asia Pacific doing the same.

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Discover how blockchain technology is taking the arts, gaming, and sports worlds by storm. Hear from creators and inspiring innovators embracing NFTs, the metaverse and more.

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Get the latest news on Tezos projects, announcements, events, and innovations from across the region and worldwide.

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Download the latest resources on the Tezos blockchain, from whitepapers to grant applications, insights reports, and much more.

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Twice monthly, we bring inspiring insights and stories from the top thinkers, creators and developers in the Tezos ecosystem. Tune in online or wherever you catch your podcasts.

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