Discover the Microsoft Century Program - a partnership between Microsoft for Startups, Lumos Labs, and TZ APAC in India.

Building India’s next generation of blockchain talent with Microsoft for Startups and Tezos

October 17, 2021
In conjunction with Microsoft for Startups, Lumos Labs, Skoda Auto DigitalLab India, and Tech Mahindra, TZ APAC is fostering the next generation of blockchain tech talent in South Asia on Tezos.

Blockchain adoption is gathering pace in sectors as diverse as manufacturing, gaming, financial services, and the automotive industry. Initially skeptical of the benefits and scale of blockchain in solving inefficiencies or improving systems, enterprise-level organizations are now making up for lost time. And, like innovations in other fields, Asia is increasingly the focal point for innovation.

Enter Singapore’s Lumos Labs, an innovation management firm that specializes in running technology open innovation programs. In conjunction with global tech behemoths Microsoft and Tezos, the firm recently launched the Microsoft Century Program, a corporate to SME bridge program that helps unearth blockchain solutions for industry-specific use cases.

Season one of the program focused on real-world solutions in the discrete manufacturing sector.

The first cohort of projects has already been announced. Six shortlisted startups are moving to the final stage of selection by presenting their solutions in a live pitch session on the final demo day in front of a live panel of global CXOs. To date, nine of the entries in the first season chose Tezos as their blockchain of choice. Tezos India and TZ APAC worked with startups to refine their pitches.

Projects from the final cohort include Votan Venture’s one-stop solution for software development products and services, Blockchain-as-a-Service provider Karpine, and Info Grains’ high-level enterprise security solution. These companies reflect Tezos’ commitment to the region and in fostering innovation. Arguably companies pushing the bounds of what is possible with blockchains like Tezos will become tomorrow’s tech behemoths, as they solve distinctly pan-Asia problems across various sectors at scale.  

The six finalists will enjoy additional support from automotive company Skoda’s digital lab in India, and digital changemaker Mahindra Labs, who will accelerate the growth of the cohort winners to their extensive partner networks.

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