Developers: Dig deep into the Tezos blockchain with these handy resources

Developers: Dig deep into the Tezos blockchain with these handy resources

March 2, 2022

Are you looking to learn more about the Tezos blockchain? We've compiled an ever-evolving list of the most important resources for developers, including deep dives on getting started with the Tezos network, our high and low-level smart contract languages, links to wallets, and more. 

Bookmark this page - while the list is by no means all-encompassing, we'll add to it periodically with fresh links and up-to-date information. 

Understanding more about Tezos

Tezos Whitepaper

Original whitepaper of the Tezos whitepaper - A self-amending crypto-ledger.

Getting Started

Explore the technical and economic concepts behind the Tezos blockchain. Coupled with tutorials to help you get started building your dApp.

Developer Portal

Find out more about the Tezos Ecosystem here and its different entities worldwide.

Tezos Gitlab

View the commit history of Tezos protocol and code documentation.

Tezos Improvement Protocols

A full breakdown of the different TZIPs that Tezos has undergone. The TZIP process complements (but it is subsidiary to) Tezos' formal on-chain governance process.

Tezos Smart Contract Languages


Language of Tezos Smart Contracts.


A friendly Smart Contract Language for Tezos.


An intuitive and powerful smart contract development platform for Tezos.


High-level language for Michelson contract development.


Domain-specific language to develop Smart Contracts on the Tezos blockchain, with all Michelson features, plus exclusive features to ease development, tests, and formal verification.

Tezos Wallets

Browser Extensions: Spire

Browser Extensions: Temple

Web Wallets: Kukai

Web Wallets: Atomex 

Mobile Wallets: Zengo

Mobile Wallets: Atomex (Desktop)

Mobile Wallets: Guarda (Desktop)

Mobile Wallets: AirGap (Desktop)

Mobile Wallets: Exodus (Desktop)

Desktop Wallets: Umami

Desktop Wallets: Galleon

Supported Hardware Wallets: AirGap, Tezor Model T, Ledger

Tezos nodes

The following information is adapted from Taquito. Feel free to reach out if you are facing issues with any one of the RPC nodes.




SmartPy Public Tezos nodes



Blockscale public nodes operated on behalf of Tezos Foundation


Next protocol/version testnet (Granadanet): 

Teznode Public nodes operated by LetzBake!


If any relevant available public nodes are not included in the list, reach out to TZ APAC.

Tezos Block Explorers

Block Explorers are online blockchain browsers that show the details of all transactions on the network.

Available Block Explorers on Tezos:

Better Call Dev

TzKT Indexer API


TzStats (Also an indexer)

TzKT (Also an indexer)

Tezos Indexers

Tezos Indexers take information on the blockchain and save it to a database, so complicated queries can be performed much faster.

Conseil: Most advanced query API for Tezos blockchain, developed by Cryptonomics

DipDup: A full-stack framework for building selective Tezos indexers, service workers, and reactive UI components 

Developer-Specific Resources

Offered in no particular order: 

Tezos Ukraine Courses

Tezos Taquito

Official Tezos Developer Portal

Tacode Development Starter Course

Nomadic Labs Knowledge Center


Cryptonomic Smart Contract Development

B9lab Tezos Developer Portal

Tezos Developer Documentation

Gitlab Repo of Ligo Smart Contracts

Building a Simple React Dapp on Tezos Blockchain

Building your first DApp using SmartPy & React on Tezos

LeewayHertz - How to build a Tezos DApp

Building a Storage dApp on Tezos

In 2021, TZ APAC and TZ India collaborated to launch our Developer Handbook, which equips you with everything needed to get started as a developer on the Tezos blockchain. 

Smart Contract Audits

Depending on the applications your team is building, you might need a smart contract audit to address any security issues before launching your application to the public. Companies/platforms that offer smart contract auditing services include:

Developer Community/Forums

Connect with a close-knitted community of like-minded developers and learn from their shared knowledge. Benefit from the experience of others, and get your most crucial questions about blockers, use-cases and more on some of the top curated forums, including:


Tezos Agora

Tezos Stackexchange

Tezos Community

Important: Never give away any passwords/sensitive information that may compromise your wallet, and always make sure that you speak to someone official from the team.



Tezos Announcements (Telegram)

AirGap (Telegram)

Baking Bad (Telegram)

Tezos (Telegram)

Tezos Developer (Telegram)

MadFish/Temple (Telegram)

Kukai Wallet (Telegram)

SmartPy (Telegram) ⭐

Tezos-dev (Slack)⭐

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