The Tezos Developers’ Handbook is the perfect tool to get started on the Tezos Blockchain

Get up to speed with Tezos using the Tezos Developers’ Handbook

January 27, 2022
Whether you’re just starting out with blockchain or have some experience with other blockchains and want to know about Tezos, the Tezos Developers’ Handbook is for you.

The handbook covers everything from an introduction to blockchains and Tezos, right through to Tezos’ Liquid Proof of Stake consensus mechanism, its on-chain governance mechanism, as well as a history of amendments made to the Tezos blockchain. 

Developers who prefer to learn by doing will benefit from the Quick Start section, which will tell you about writing and interfacing with smart contracts and how to integrate with the front end. 

Also covered are wallets and wallet integration, along with Taquito basics, as well as a deep dive into the world of smart contracts, including a SmartPy cheat sheet. 

Want to know more? Check out the Developers’ Handbook website here.

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