In this episode of the TezTalks Radio podcast for Tezos, Interpop's Brian David Marshall discussed the rise of NFT digital collectables, and digital fandom.

Interpop's Brian David Marshall discusses the future of digital fandom

October 20, 2021
TezTalks Radio sits down with Interpop President, Brian David-Marshall, to discuss the future of gaming for blockchain, Emergents TCG, and Play with Brio.

Interpop builds games and entertainment brands using true digital ownership to redefine fandom through digital collectibles and experiences. Interpop has assembled an all-star team of industry professionals from the tabletop and digital gaming worlds, Hall of Fame and Championship gamers, comic industry veterans, and talented engineers at the forefront of the NFT space.

For David-Marshall, digital ownership of digital content like comic books on the blockchain reflects the foundational value comic collectors and collectible card game players are looking for as part of their experience.

“Board games have really crossed over into the mainstream - and what was once limited by physical location can now be played anywhere,” says David-Marshall.

“Ownership of digital comics and cards is just as important as it was for people when buying physical comics or collectible cards, and the blockchain helps us facilitate that.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Brian David-Marshall, a comic book and gaming industry veteran with an illustrious career, was quick to realize the potential of blockchain for digital ownership of comic books and gaming assets.

  • In conjunction with Tezos cofounder Kathleen Breitman, David-Marshall created a trading card game – Emergents TCG – where every card is an NFT.

  • The project gave rise to Interpop, which is forging the future of digital fandom through providing ownership of original digital comics and collectible gaming assets through the Tezos blockchain.

  • Interpop’s offerings extend into digitally native comics, crypto-based gaming, and NFT marketplaces for comic and collectible card games creators and collectors.

Watch the full episode:

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