TZ APAC presents 'Tezos NFTs: The New North Star' at S.E.A. Focus 2022

January 5, 2022
S.E.A. Focus is excited to feature Tezos, an energy-efficient blockchain widely adopted by NFT artists and collectors worldwide. TZ APAC and CAWA present a specially curated Asia-centric NFT showcase titled “Tezos NFTs: The New North Star'' within S.E.A. Focus.

'Tezos NFTs: The New North Star', is a digital exhibition that aims to connect and empower artists worldwide, through blockchain technology. Supported by TZ APAC, the leading Asia adoption entity of the Tezos blockchain and Crypto Art Week Asia, the largest crypto art festival in Asia, this NFT exhibition is the first exhibition showcased by a public blockchain at Singapore Art Week. 

NFTs and blockchain technology have been the guiding light for digital artists as they seek to build communities, experiment with new ideas, and gain empowerment through their work. In the past year, traditional and new-age creatives have embraced NFTs as a new medium of creative expression. It has altered the ways in which artists create, present and monetise their work, and redefined digital ownership. And in this period of rapid creative and technological evolution, the Tezos blockchain has been the North Star that has helped many navigate this brave new world. 

The exhibition features over 15 prominent digital artists from Singapore, Indonesia, South Korea, India and Brunei, who have minted their art on the Tezos blockchain. These artists were selected as leading representative voices of the region, each possessing their own distinct style and aesthetic.

Leading artists include the globally renowned Tezos comic artist, Arya Mularama; Indonesian illustrator Diela Maharanie, Brunei-based generative artist, Yazid; A Singapore-based architectural designer warrragwag… and many more. 

Mint your own NFT by radarboy3000

The exhibition will reveal the first-ever interactive NFT experience at S.E.A. Focus and Singapore Art Week. Attendees will be invited to mint their very own NFT artwork on Tezos, created by Singapore's prolific generative crypto artist, radarboy3000. radarboy3000’s works leverage generative design to build artwork at the convergence of data, minimalism and experience.

Titled “Permanence”, the piece explores how blockchain technology brings about its own state of permanence. This is reflected through the capturing of a moment on-chain as art, and re-injecting it back onto the blockchain.

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Exhibition Venue:

S.E.A. Focus
#01-05, Blk 39 Tanjong Pagar Distripark 
Singapore 089065

General Opening Hours:

14 – 22 January 2022 | 1pm – 8pm
23 January 2022 | 1pm – 5pm

About S.E.A. Focus 2022

S.E.A. Focus is the leading showcase of Southeast Asian contemporary art and artists from the region. A meeting point for artistic vision and vigour, S.E.A. Focus provides a platform to propel diverse cultural exchanges which celebrate, promote and provoke dialogue about Southeast Asian art. S.E.A. Focus is an initiative led by STPI – Creative Workshop & Gallery, supported by the National Arts Council, Singapore.

Image credit: Alphabad

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