TezTalks Radio meets Dogami cofounder and CEO, November 2021

Talking NFT Pooches with Dogami’s Maximilian Stoeckl

November 12, 2021
TezTalks Radio hosts Marissa Trew, and Stu Elmes discover the canine wonders of the ‘Petaverse’ with Max Stoeckl, the co-founder and CEO of Dogami, an online NFT game built on the Tezos blockchain where players can collect, raise, and earn.

TezTalks Radio Ep.28

Remember Tamagotchis - those little keychain digital animals you had to raise from egg to fully-fledged pixelated creature? Digital animals have come a long way since 1996. One of the minds leading the charge in the Web 3.0 age is Dogami CEO, Max Stoeckl. 

The team from TezTalks Radio sat down with Stoeckl to discover how the idea for Dogami – a ‘Petaverse’, play-to-earn game built on the Tezos blockchain – came about and what people can expect when collecting and raising their binary pampered pooches. 

The game works like this. Dogami players will start with a puppy at the beginning of the game, then nurture it to adulthood. Once a certain level is reached, players can specialize their canine companion before ‘breeding’ their animal with other dogs in the ‘Petaverse’ or competing to earn $DOGA tokens.

“We’re taking a phased approach, with the first phase coming out in Q1 next year”, said Stoeckl. “As we go, we will introduce new features.”

“The NFT drop will also occur in Q1 next year.”

On the proposition of purchasing an NFT ‘Dogami’, there is a certain type of utility and value compared to NFTs as art, for example. In games like “Magic: The Gathering”, certain collectibles (cards) build up a significant cache with players and command significant price tags when they change hands. Similarly, Stoeckl hopes that his Dogami will come to be imbued with their own intrinsic value. However, he remains conscious that the game’s community will balk at people being able to “buy” their way into Dogami’s world simply by purchasing NFTs with outsized influence in the game itself. 

“We don’t want to give too much power to stars’ NFTs in the game because then we have a balancing issue, but also because people may have a problem with that.”

On the Tezos gaming ecosystem, Stoeckl said that in the beginning, it will be about attracting Tezos’ enthusiastic community first, then marketing to people outside the community to sign up for a Tezos wallet, secure tez, and then purchase their ‘dog’ in the game. 

When it came to choosing a blockchain to base Dogami’s build on, one of the core team members was already deeply entrenched in the Tezos community and the protocol underpinning the Tezos blockchain. This meant that the team could quickly develop and deploy the game (the Dogami team only started the project in May 2020). 

“Speed matters in this space. Both to grab mindshare and market share. That and both the transaction speeds and energy efficiency are quite good selling points.”

Key Takeaways:

  • Dogami is a play-to-earn blockchain ‘Petaverse’ game built on the Tezos blockchain.

  • The game’s first phase will launch in the first quarter of 2022.

  • The game’s creators are plugged into the Tezos community and will urge new players to sign up for Tezos wallets to play the game.

  • The team has focused on gameplay as their main selling point.

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