Exploring the world of tokenized gaming and Tezos with Yield Guild Games Gabby Dizon

TezTalks Radio: Exploring the world of blockchain and tokenized gaming

October 1, 2021
Gaming and the gaming sector are collectively taking part in the most fundamental shift in gaming since multiplayer worlds.

The rise of blockchain-based and tokenized gaming has opened up a metaverse of unique avatars, micro-economies, and virtual ownership powered by digital currencies.

TezTalks Radio hosts Marissa Trew and William McKenzie, Metarupa’s Ruanth Chrisley Thyssen, and Yield Guild Games’ (YGG) Gabby Dizon discuss gamers embracing blockchain-driven ‘play-to-earn’ models and how burgeoning tokenization is leading to new ways of earning a living.

Yield Guild Games recently raised an astonishing USD 12.5M during its initial token sale, buoyed by demand for companies touching on the metaverse and the tokenization of digital assets through NFTs.

“That was a really crazy moment,” recalls Dizon. “We knew demand was going to be strong, but honestly, we were blown away.”

Importantly, YGG represents the move towards Decentralized Autonomous Organizations, or DAO’s, typified by the use of blockchains like Tezos to underpin online transactions and most often driven by a strong sense of community.  

“We want our guild members to be owners of the protocol, which means they need ownership of the token. So we needed to do the public sale (of the token) as part of price discovery.”

“We’ve reserved around 45 percent of the total token supply to be given out to our guild members through community mining - through actions that guild members can do like playing games and building community.”

Key takeaways:

Yield Guild Games (YGG) is a ‘play-to-earn’ gaming guild that invests in NFTs and uses them in games and virtual worlds to help players earn income through blockchain-based economies.

Metarupa is Indonesia’s first collective to venture into the metaverse, and the team behind it formed an NFT agency helping organizations tokenize their assets.

YGG recently raised an astonishing $12.5M in a mere 30 seconds during its initial token sale.

YGG represents a model example of a Decentralized Autonomous Organization, or DAO, that offers a new way to work and earn income

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