TezTalks Asia podcast for TZ APAC explores the scale of India's blockchain adoption

TezTalks Radio: India’s blockchain scene with Tezos India’s Om Malviya

October 25, 2021

India has been a fast-growing region for blockchain adoption, and Tezos is trailblazing a path as multiple sectors embrace the eco-friendly blockchain’s public network.

In our latest installment of TZ APAC’s TezTalks series, hosts Marissa Trew and Stuart Elmes speak with the president of Tezos India, Om Malviya, on his journey to date and some of the projects he is championing right now.

Malviya started his journey into the blockchain through crypto, and his work as a developer in the digital marketing space. From humble beginnings, creating a blog to share his evolving understanding of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, he came across the Tezos blockchain.

Tezos beckoned because of its Liquid Proof of Stake structure. “I saw this (Tezos) and thought it could really work,” Malviya recalls.

“When we started Tezos India, the goal was to reach out to Indian developers and say: hey, Tezos is here to build blockchain solutions. Anything you want to do, we’re here to support you.”

Malviya’s drive and passion for bringing Tezos adoption to India is exemplified by the recent TezAsia Hackathon, a project that saw Tezos India and Chainstack partner with TZ APAC on a month-long event to promote adoption and develop innovative new technologies on the Tezos blockchain. The event generated 1400 registrations, 1600 individual participants, 36 projects, and over 10 hours of dedicated workshops amongst experts and entrants.

Key takeaways:

  • Om Malviya is one of Tezos’ leading advocates in South Asia, helping to promote the adoption of Tezos in India.

  • Malviya says successful mass adoption of Tezos is happening because of a close connection to developers and an increasing number of use cases proving Tezos’ blockchain out.

  • India ranks in the top three countries for blockchain developers, and Malviya says that the big blockchain companies already house their development engines in India because of local developers' high levels of competency.

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